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Every year, TUMP admits thousands of full-time students of which the enrollment of medical training program accounts for nearly 50%. Nursing and Pharmacy programs are also registered by large number of students. Due to the national admission, the origin of the university students is varied but the majority are from Northern provinces. Most of the students who wish to enroll in the university are good and excellent ones, hence, the quality of the admission input is relatively high compared to that of other nationwide universities and colleges. In addition, there is a certain proportion of selected students and students from the central preparatory schools. As the result, there are many disadvantage students (the number of students exempted from tuition fees as well as other fees is quite large, around ten billion VND/year). Generally, with typical professional characteristics, most of the students have a sense of improvement in study, hard work, patience, and accumulation of experience and knowledge to meet social needs on healthcare after graduation.

The majority of students come from northern provinces, especially mountainous provinces and with different ethnic backgrounds, so there are cultural and linguistic diversities. Students from ethnic minorities such as Tay, Thai, Muong, Dao account for nearly 40%. Some students belong to special ethnic minorities (currently there are six students from Lo Lo ethnic group, Sach ethnic group, Pa Then ethnic group, three students from Ngai ethnic group. Those students are supported with an amount equal to monthly basic salary). TUMP is currently training international students from neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia in regular programs. According to customs, students often wish to return home during traditional holidays such as Tet Thanh Minh, the 1st Full Moon of the Lunar New Year, Ghost Festival, etc. TUMP always support and create physical and spiritual conditions, orientate, participate and organize traditional activities at TUMP campus. The Traditional New Year Festival of Mong ethnic students is an example.

It can be said that building a healthy learning environment, maintaining cultural identity, encouraging students after graduation to return to home to work, serving people in mountainous provinces have become a nice tradition among generations of students at TUMP. In the light of integration and autonomy in training, it is hoped that more health human resources come from ethnic minorities and neighboring countries, making significant contribution the development of human resources in healthcare in the future.