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Description of the program

The Nursing training program will prepare learners to become qualified nurses who are able to perform required professional duties in health facilities from the central level to the local level. Becoming a specialist in healthcare need to have dedication, time, and effort. Therefore, to prepare students with optimal learning conditions, the Faculty of Nursing, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy enrolls about 200 students each year. Through the school's admissions process, students can be admitted to this program. The program is taught in Vietnamese.

Program: Bachelor of Nursing

Degree: Bachelor of Nursing
Duration: 4 years (134 credits)
Program code: 56551
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: September
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Nursing

The 4-year training program is a patient-centered training program towards comprehensive care in the medical field. During the learning process, students can early access patients from the second year, and study different nursing specialties through clinical cases. They also have to take clinical practice in the hospitals that fully meet the standards required for a practical hospital. During one-month community practice, students will obtain further experiences in culture, life, and health care at community. The clinical placement course by the end of the program helps students synthesize, consolidate and improve their capacity in patient care at the Departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics. Meanwhile, students are hoped to perfect their teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills and to promote their autonomy and responsibility in the learning process.

As a nursing student, you will achieve a solid theoretical foundation in basic medicine, nursing profession, scientific research, patient care skill, and lifelong learning. After graduating from the training program, all graduates will attend the 9-month course for junior nurses at hospitals to obtain a Certificate of Nursing Practice in Vietnam.

Employment after completing the program

After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and holding a Certificate of Nursing Practice in Vietnam, a nurse may have the following opportunities:

Working as a nurse in health facilities, and continuing to provide health care in accordance with the profession. To become an expert in the health care profession, a nurse needs to learn Specialization level I and level II in Nursing.

Working as lecturers at training institutions for nurses. A nurse should study higher education to get Master degree or Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

By the way, a nurse also have the opportunities to work and live in abroad as long as a nurse can meet the requirement of foreign language and practice certificate set by those countries