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Short-term courses
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Short-term courses

Writing and Publishing Scientific Articles on National Journals

Basic Laparoscopic Surgery

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

Basic Biochemical Testing Techniques

Analysis of Peripheral Blood Cells by Manual Method

Basic Exploration Technique of Neuromuscular Electrophysiology

Interpreting Cervical and Vaginal Pap Smear Results

Cytological Staining Technique

Measurement of Pulmonary Function

Pleural Biopsy

Basic Oncology

Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics: Practice and Clinical Application

Basic Ophthalmology

Refraction- Glass Dispensing

Glass Dispensing

Technician of Basic Endoscopic Surgical Instruments

Emergency and Treatment of Brain Stroke

Flexible Bronchoscopy

Basic Pathological Testing Techniques

Monitoring and Prevention of Covid-19

Infection Control

Updates on the Knowledge of Clinical Pharmacology for Health Workers at Health Facilities


Diagnostic Imaging

Aesthetics and Application of Laser Technology, Electromagnetics, Stem Cells in Dermatology

Basic Dermatology

Updates on Professional Knowledge for Pharmacy Businessmen at Chemist’s Shops, Medicine Stores, Medicine Cabinets

Internal Medicine

Tuberculosis and Basic Lung Diseases



General Ultrasound

Healthcare and Management according to Principles of Family Medicine

Practice of Psychological Test

Basic Psychiatry

Enhancing Communication Skills for Health Workers

Dietetic Nutrition

Basic Nutrition

Analysing Science Research Data on Statistics Softwares

Vaccination Safety

Strengthening the Capacity for Commune Health Workers

Basic Medical Laboratory Techniques

Methodology of Scientific Research in Biomedicine