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Medical Laboratory Technology
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Description of the program

The program of Medical Laboratory Technology aims to train on medical laboratory techniques. This is an area that plays an important role in modern medicine as well as in society. Medical Laboratory is the identification of a disease through test results that support diagnosis. Medial test is an essential part of the medical examination, consultation, care, treatment, and monitoring process to disease prognosis. Current medical test not only assist clinicians to accurately diagnose and make the right decisions in order to treat diseases promptly and effectively, but also to predict early risks.

Program: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology

Degree: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology
Duration: 4 years (140 credits)
Program code: 56551
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: September
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Basic Medicine

After graduation, students have in-depth knowledge of the relationship between medical laboratory and pathology, professionally practical skills, and ability to grasp new techniques application as well as proficiency in modern laboratory equipment use. The training program combines theory with practice, and updates with new knowledge to meet the increasing needs of society. The program faculties are experienced lecturers in teaching and scientific research in medical laboratory specialty. With a lot of modern equipment, students are trained in laboratories at the Faculty of Basic Medicine, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as at the sub-clinical Departments of Thai Nguyen National Hospital.

Employment after completing the program

After receiving the Bachelor's degree, learners have opportunities to work at hospitals, health centers, public and private Centres of Preventive Medicine from the national level to school level, research institutes, training institutions for health staffs.