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1. Personnel

The Department consists of 18 staff, of which 17 are lecturers and one with a bachelor degree is the office staff; 14/18 lecturers have postgraduate qualifications, specifically:

- 01 Doctor of Philosophy;

- 02 Specialist Doctors level II;

- 12 Masters of Science;

- 02 Medical Doctors

Currently, there are five medical doctors studying a doctoral course, and one doing a residency.

2. Teaching responsibilities

Undergraduate training: Department of Obstetrics is responsible for managing and training the Obstetrics and Gynecology modules for students of Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Odonto-Stomatology.

Graduate training: The Department trains various types of learners including Specialist Doctors level I and II in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a resident doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as providing Obstetrics and Gynecology courses for other graduate subjects in Surgery, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology & Recovery, and Diagnostic Imaging.

Continuous Medical Education: The Department also organizes short-term training courses according to social needs, recently including Doppler ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology, cervicoscopy, laser therapy, ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.

3. Areas of expertise

The Department covers specialized areas of Obstetrics and Gynecology, including the following:


+ Obstetric emergencies: pre-eclampsia, placenta percreta, postpartum hemorrhage.

+ Difficult deliveries, complicated perineal stitching.

+ Obstetric surgery: Cesarean section, abnormal surgery, complicated surgery, multi-pregnancy surgery


+ Open surgery: partial or complete hysterectomy, removal of ovarian tumors, ectopic pregnancy

+ Endoscopic surgery: partial and complete hysterectomy, oophorectomy, removal of ovarian tumors, ectopic pregnancy, infertility treatment

+ Surgery to remove the uterus

+ Family planning/contraception: placing/ removing the contraceptive devices, abortion management

Reproductive support:

+ Pump sperm into the uterus


+ Ovule stimulation

+ Secondary cystic count ultrasound, follow-up ultrasound of the follicle

+ Endocrine testing

+ Semen mapping

+ Ovary uterine X-ray.

Examination and management of pregnancy and prenatal diagnosis:

+ Antenatal care

+ Ultrasound in pregnancy

+ Screening tests: Double Test, Triple Test, Nipt...

+ Testing for gestational diabetes

Scientific research:

Up to now, the faculty has completed more than 50 research projects at university level, and school level. Every year, scientific research results are published in domestic and international journals. Examples of topics in 2019 - 2020:

• Intravenous tubular Doppler index study of normal pregnancy from 22 weeks to 37 weeks to establish percentile charts and clinical application values

• Situation of hysterectomy during and after delivery in the Department of Obstetrics of Thai Nguyen National Hospital in the 5 years 2015-2020

• Evaluation of the results of ovarian stimulation with corifollitropin alfa in vitro fertilization

• Results of management of acute pregnancy failure in full-term pregnant women at Thai Nguyen National Hospital

• Research on the value of color Doppler ultrasound in the diagnosis of placenta accreta in placenta percreta patients at Obstetrics Department - Thai Nguyen National Hospital 

• Evaluation of cervical lesions by colposcopy on patients at Department of Obstetrics of Thai Nguyen University of Medicine in 2020

• Results of cervical injury treatment by LEEP electric ring at Thai Nguyen Medical University Hospital

• The reality of pregnant women being screened before giving birth by Double Marker Test at Thai Nguyen National Hospital in the first 6 months of 2020

• Results of laparoscopic surgery for ectopic pregnancy at Obstetrics Department - Thai Nguyen National Hospital 

• Evaluation of the treatment results for postpartum infections at Thai Nguyen National Hospital.

Major development directions in the near future:

- Continue to improve the quality of teaching and scientific research;

- Develop specialized techniques: infertility, reproductive assistance, endoscopy, ultrasound;

- Continue to train and improve the quality of the teaching staff;

- Develop teaching materials for training systems in the department;

- Implement other short-term training courses.

4. High technology/special services/Lab system

Laboratory system to perform fertility support: IVF

5. International cooperation activities of the unit

- Participating in the SaFeMa project on advanced midwifery training

- Instructing Belgian midwives during practice at Obstetrics Department - Thai Nguyen National Hospital

6. Leadership information and contact



- Department of Obstetrics

- 7th floor, 11-storey building, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

- Phone: (+84) 208 3840646

- Email:

7. Photos of Department’s activities

A teaching period in a smart lecture hall

Students of Medicine and Pharmacy at a Competition on Reproductive Health

Guiding students to perform examination skills on the patient

Student briefings in the lecture hall at Thai Nguyen National Hospital


Department Contact Info


7th floor, 11-storey building
Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy
284 Luong Ngoc Quyen Str.
Thai Nguyen City, Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam

(+84) 208 3840646