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Building and promoting excellent research groups: The establishment of research teams is based on a spirit of voluntarism, self-responsibility to TUMP and maximum investment to improve research capacity. In the short term, the research teams will gather enthusiastic scientists with basic training who are ready to carry out studies, and then publish papers in the international scientific journals. TUMP will encourage the teams to mobilize all potentials and opportunities to improve research capacity, seek funding and publish research findings internationally.

Maximizing collaboration with postgraduate students, domestic and foreign partners to seek research funding. Being willing to invest funds into joint studies that will bring applied results, and have a great impact on community health care activities, and research results.

Facilities: Strengthening facilities for scientific research such as laboratories, internet systems, database systems ...

Strengthening the promotion of scientific research products: Establishing journals approved by the professorship council, supporting paper editing in English with international journals, supporting product advertisement/ commercialization in the market, promoting technology transfer to medical facilities in need.

Building a working environment to encourage creativity and development of young talent and form prestigious research groups in Vietnam: Investing time and money to improve research capacity, setting up bonus regulations for scientific research, maximizing support for administrative procedures related to scientific research and encouraging students to participate in research under experienced researchers’ guidance.