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Description of the program

Program: Odonto-Stomatology

Degree: Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology
Duration: 6 years (199 credits)
Program code: 7720501
Language of instruction: Vietnamese
Admission time: September
Faculty in charge: Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology

The program aims to provide human resources in the form of Odonto-Stomatologists who have achieved knowledge and skills in medical ethics, basic scientific knowledge, basic medicine, and clinical and community medicine. They can combine modern medicine with traditional medicine, have the ability to self-study and meet people’s needs on healthcare and health promotion throughout the country, especially in mountainous provinces in the northern part of Vietnam. The training program for Odonto-Stomatology doctors, as well as other training programs of the university, are organized in the form of credit-based training, that helps learners increase their sense of responsibility for their own training, and supports democratization in education: learners participate in all stages of the training process, from structuring subjects based on the elective system to planning a roadmap to implement that training process, depending on their conditions, financial capacity and time budget. Becoming an Odonto-Stomatology Doctor takes a lot of time and attention. Therefore, we wish to prepare our students optimally and therefore only a limited number of students are enrolled each year (no more than 100 students). The program is taught in the Vietnamese language.

The Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology chose, as did other faculties in the university, a learner-centered approach, organizing teaching activities and extracurricular activities to help students achieve the expected outcome standards, using a variety of teaching methods to develop creativity and initiative for learners.

Employment after completing the program

Graduates can work in government health agencies, public and private health facilities, or universities and colleges. In addition, they can continue their studies to improve their level after graduation with higher training programs as Resident Doctor, Specialist Doctor level I, Master of Medicine, or Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine.