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Description of the program

The medical training program aims to train medical doctors in ethics, basic scientific knowledge, basic medical knowledge, basic knowledge and skills in clinical and community medicine, and the ability to self-study, to meet people’s needs on healthcare and health promotion.

Program: Medicine

Degree: Doctor of Medicine
Duration: 6 years (190 credits)
Program code: 7220101
Language of instruction: Vietnamese

This program trains Doctors of Medicine who will be able to:

• Apply their knowledge of economy, culture and society, basic science, basic medicine, public health and clinical medicine, and scientific research methodology in professional practice.

• Examine, indicate and analyze results of a number of tests, basic functional examination techniques, make a diagnosis, give treatment and management, monitor and prevent common diseases, common emergencies. Perform basic clinical and subclinical procedures.

• Identify and prioritize public health problems. Detect common diseases and recommend appropriate measures to protect and improve individual, family, and community health. Collect, manage, and use information related to healthcare for patients and the community.

• Apply knowledge of traditional medicine and non-drug therapeutic methods in treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation in common diseases.

• Have foreign language proficiency and information technology skills that can be applied to professional practice.

• Have ability to coordinate well with colleagues and the community to implement professional activities, with lifelong learning skills.

Enrollment is implemented every year according to appropriate admission criteria, ensuring input quality. Students who enter the university are supported with favorable conditions in learning and living.

Employment after completing the program

After completing the program of study, students are recognized as Doctor of Medicine in Vietnam. A Doctor of Medicine will typically work at:

• State health management agencies, medical research institutes

• Public and private health facilities

• Institutions for training human resources for health

Besides, graduates can study higher education programs such as Resident Doctor, Specialist Level I, Master of Medicine, or Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine.